Taking Hold of a Love of My Own.












This day was truly amazing.

Once you find a group of like-minded people, it seems as if everything you’ve always wanted your world to be has finally, out of the blue, become.

Finally, here were people who saw the world in many of the same ways I did. Finally people with the same vision and purpose. Finally, people out to inspire themselves and others. People who wanted to open the world up to people who could not or would not open it up for themselves. Like minded photographers who didn’t mind, and actually enjoyed, talking 8 hours to get from Old Sacramento to Downtown sacramento which is truly only a 5 mile walk or less. Stopping at every sight, halting for each other, sharing in each others vision. Taking our time. No, we weren’t in a hurry. We were doing exactly what we set out to do and time was not a factor. This is life for us. This is what we want to spend our time doing more than anything.

That slow 8 hour 5 mile walk was full of inspiration and every moment we paused in time was destined to create inspiration within others and to possibly even uplift ourselves.

This photography walk with my amazing mentor (Van Halen up there) and other members of the Sacramento photo community really solidified what I believe to be my life’s  purpose. This is what I have been craving for quite a while and despite never being able to afford the equipment that I needed to make my dreams a reality, I never gave up studying and shooting on my own with whatever I had.

my first camera was a tiny little blue keychain camera, super cheap, that looked like a toy (and probably was). I received it for I think Christmas one year as a child when I was bugging my mother for a digital camera. Naturally that went no where. I don’t even believe it was possible to retrieve photos from the camera or if it was actually even snapping shots but it didn’t keep me from pressing the click button whenever I found something amazing to show the world.

From there i went to numerous cameras. Disposable cameras, Kodak EasyShare, Sony point and shoot, cell phones, and a cheapo bridge camera that I vowed would be the last piece of shit device I would spend money on. I would buy what I wanted to really enhance and show what I wanted to show.

Even though the best camera a photographer can have is the one that is readily available, I also knew that in order to truly get what I meant to capture in the way I wanted it to be captured, I had to make the investment. And once that investment was made, my entire world opened up and I was welcomed with open arms to the best community a photo girl could ask for.

The photo walk showed me that if I had my way and if the world was perfect, this is all I would be doing. This is all I WANT to do. To open the world up to others, inspire, express myself through my own art and to capture seemingly ordinary moments and mix them with magic to tell a story without words. To make a positive impact on both myself and others.

This is what I have been in love with for my entire life.


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