Turning 25, Travel, and other things.

 September 16 marked my 25th year on this beautiful planet. I’m probably one of the few who sees getting older as a huge blessing and proof of favor of the universe. Dirty 30 is around the 5 year corner and I do hope I see it. I will make it beautiful. Along with 25, a few other changes took place at the same time. I quit my job as a pastry cook…kind of. I’m still freelancing with the company. I jumped head first into my photography, networked, met a lot of really cool people and yes, my relationship of a year and a few months ended on good terms.

Where I will be living is now up in the air and a steady source of income has yet to be found. Am I scared? No. I am doing ok. Thing’s always work out.

imageAbove is a shot of my birthday drink that was recently introduced to the SkyCity menu for the fall season called the Autumn blossom. Very citrus-y and kind of tart and strong. It was ok, I finished it. Eating at the Space Needle was the most perfect birthday gift I could’ve given myself and it was nice to cross an event off of my bucket list at 25. Although the food itself was less than stellar and way overpriced, the experience alone was worth every penny. I just wished I would’ve stayed for dessert. I ordered the crab cakes as my appetizer which were awesome and the Seafood Boulliabaise as my entree. I’m sure if the flavor of my meal was better, I would have ordered dessert but since it wasn’t, I saw dessert as a waste of $20 or $30 more dollars.



When I travel, I prefer to do as the locals do. It’s a great way to save money and get the full experience of the city. Not to mention, meet cool and sometimes strange people. I took the train everyday on a $5.50 day pass, got off and on as often as I wanted and walked everywhere with my handy gps for back up taking amazing shots of the city. I found amazing hole in the wall restaurants, had random adventures getting lost, and met and ate with the locals.

And of course a city isn’t a city without it’s street performers to bring it to life. So many talented musicians and singers on Pine street, 5th avenue and other pieces of Downtown Seattle playing for coins and smiles. Some to pay the bills and others to fund their treks around the globe. I spotted a kilted bag pipe player playing songs to fund his trip to Brazil.


The street art of Seattle added to the entire experience. Here’s a quick glimpse of one of the many pieces I Loved.


City travel isn’t city travel for a a photo girl like me without capturing a light trail or several. Here’s a shot on East Pine Street overpass after eating the best mexican food of my life over at Fogan’s Cocina Mexicana… When in Seattle, go to East Pine Street and eat there. Trust me. Order the Tortilla Soup. It is the best I’ve EVER had. And yes I live in California.


And here’s me on the first day of age 25. Quick tip, avoid a section of China Town near Jefferson street… unless you love Crack and Heroine culture.




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