Clarity in the Mountains.

It feels as if It has been a long while since I’ve written something, However I am here and beautifully relaxed with some down time and a hell raiser of a 2 month old perhaps-border collie puppy whom we rescued back in December as my company. It has been a long weekend. A good weekend. I had a very unexpected four days off from work and spent two of them off in San Francisco having wild shenanigans with some of my friends from work.


(coming down post street I believe, but like I said, shenanigans). In the midst of 3 of us running around the city in search of a bathroom with toilet paper, we stumbled across a quaint little Korean restaurant near a Safeway near Webster and Geary if I’m not mistaken and after perusing the menu and seeing virtually no vegetarian options, I settled upon some vegetable Udon which may or may not have had chicken broth. To be honest, I didn’t care to ask because, the Udon, people, was SPECTACULAR!


This was my first time eating Korean food that was not BBQ. And running around the city in the cold wet weather made me crave soup like no other and this was perfect. It came with some seasoned Tofu, kimchi, egg or potato salad (don’t ask me, I’d say potato but my compadre said egg… lets go with potato.). The Udon noodles were perfectly made, not gummy or chewy and the soup was chock full of plenty of vegetables. It came in a huge bowl that i simply couldn’t finish. I got half down though, and all of my veggies.

And, after a wild night of this and that, we all woke up safely back in our hotel laughing about our night and excited for what was to come:

Hiking Mt. Tamalpias.

11am bright eyed and bushy-tailed we headed on up and hiked for miles in incredibly cold, post storm mud trails, high winds and no one around to save us. We were amazing and proud of ourselves to say the least.

IMG_2953 IMG_2955 IMG_2957

There is just an experience I get when I see new places near or far and a clarity I reach in my perception of my world that I can’t find in anything else. It’s like until I can get an incredible view of the world at large in some respect, can I completely change my own perspective in something that suits me the best.

This time, after feeling all empowered that I hiked a mountain in high winds and on slippery land without dying, I realized just how ridiculous my mind has been over that past few months. Simply tricking me into believing that where I am right now is all I’ll ever be. I forget that for as long as I am breathing, there will always be more to my story and that I haven’t yet reached the last stop on my journey. This is all just a part of what I truly am aiming to manifest in my life and in some ways, I’m already there.

When I think about the person I was four years ago and comparing her to who I am now, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown and who I turned into so far. All the places I’ve traveled, all of the good and bad things I’ve gone through and all the people I’ve met and jobs I’ve worked, and things I had to handle on my own shaped me into this new person. It’s almost like the universeĀ sent a shock through my life, flipped it upside down over and over again until I came out on top. I’m stronger, more clear headed, more capable, and a whole lot SMARTER.

How can I possibly believe that I will not grow past this point? I grow every single day whether I notice it or not.


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