Will Walk for Street Harassment.

If you asked me how many times I was street harassed today, my answer would be a grand total of 6  during a 2 hour outing. One side of the argument tells us that maybe we should not dress so sexy and cute while walking down the street, so I guess if you are like me and your sexiness radiates so strongly through your sweatpants, black hoodie, turban and sneakers then you are just shit out of luck and have to deal with it.

As a woman who has been wandering around this country both alone and with others and experiencing different cities as both resident and traveler, I have learned to use my resting bitch face for exactly what it is for. I can be as bubbly and friendly as I was always meant to be on the inside,  but as long as my face tells creeps to not fuck with me today I can accomplish all things on my own.

Today I crawled out of my dungeon for 4 things : coffee and donuts in the morning, groceries and sweatpants in the afternoon.

Both instances I had to ask myself if the journey was worth it. Worth spending the money, worth the walk, and worth encountering all of the characters that decorate the streets of Long Beach.

It has only been about 3 weeks of living here, and I’ve already begun complaining in my head that I am ready to move on and go elsewhere but truth of the matter is I’m just not a fan of the cold. This is the season  I’d rather spend indoors with a bunch of movies and books about female psychotics

. We happened to move in the middle of fall, and it has been so windy and the temperature changes rapidly from sauna to frostbite. The palm trees sway and bend in the unrelenting wind and firetrucks scream through the town to rid the roads from toppled over trees. So In addition to the creepy middle aged men who prevent peaceful walks for groceries and the billion hallway houses along the strip, the Long Beach weather has been giving me the blues.


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