No One comes out of the Bermuda Triangle…

“…not even for vacation.”

Today was a rough day of which I spent the majority staring into empty space until the power went out and my boyfriend realized he forgot to pay the bill.

I had no idea how I would get today’s blog post up while I was down in the dumps but I eventually got hungry enough that that feeling became way more important than whatever hell hole my mind was trying to take me to. This day is also our last night of junk food so that meant the good ol’ potato tacos and papa nachos from up the street.

I tried to distract myself from my other self by seeking some kind of humor on the net about my condition. I found that I am either truly a depressed human being like my doctor has been telling me for the last 11 years or that I am actually a STAR-PERSON that has been sent to Earth to fix it and raise the vibration.

What is amazing about the internet is the mind control factor. Anything can be sold from old nail clippers to the idea that I may actually be one of the aliens people are looking for. If the entire depressed population were to convert their minds to believing they were actually star people and indigo children, the illness would cease to exist. I went from crying hysterically to laughing like a lunatic upon reading the article so I hold my claims to be pretty accurate.

I went online and finally bought 2 coats in hopes it will lure me out the house once winter finally hits all the way. It is also giving me something to be excited for this week a long with another purchase I made including slippers.  The great thing about blogging every day as a challenge is that it gives me the opportunity to see what I enjoy writing about the most and let that guide me wherever the harsh ass wind shall blow so maybe a not so fashiony fashion post is coming up?

Well I’m about 17 minutes late on posting this as a daily blog. My excuse is  honest and it’s that I began writing at 6pm and simultaneously decided to reconnect with my childhood by watching The Addams Family. After a bunch of laughs and realizing how much of an adult movie it actually is, I fell asleep early without hitting publish. Deal?

I have not failed.


One thought on “No One comes out of the Bermuda Triangle…

  1. It’s quite possible I have been a truly depressed human being for the last 20 years. A lot of it has to do with me intentionally chasing misery but I also think I have high standards for happiness.


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