It is amazing how many meals a bag of frozen hash browns can become. The texture is amazing and so far I’ve avoided the taco shop all week because I’ve been making potato tacos at home like the good vegan I never was. Right now I’m eating portobello mushroom ravioli that has cheese in it. But care, I do not.

Once people learn I work as a professional chef for a living they are quick to invite themselves over for a meal. They may be surprised that I’m likely to always be eating some rendition of beans, rice, and fruit. I’m pretty basic with my diet and don’t cook fancy without a paycheck.

Today I found that my family wasn’t so hung up on me not coming home for Thanksgiving this year, but they were more so concerned that they wouldn’t be getting their hands on last year’s famous dinner rolls and dutch apple pies until Christmastime.

I am constantly being taken advantage of. Can’t wait.

Every time I walk home from getting groceries I have to pass by Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles where someone is always struggling to take a selfie in front of the ragged sign. Out of all the sites here in Los Angeles, a ragged Chicken and Waffles sign is considered a souvenir.

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