Gratitude over Sushi.

Many of us  have the worst habit of constantly chasing things down as if we don’t already have everything we need. Our problems follow us wherever we travel. We are always thinking of a new career once we’ve already established one, and we want all the knick knacks even though we don’t wear or use the shit we already own. No matter what we accumulate, no matter how much money we save, no matter how many times we change our address, the feeling in the pit of our chests never seems to go away. Happiness becomes a fleeting memory as we seem to pay more attention to the bad times than we do to the good.

There’s nothing like a good small dose of wasabi to wake your entire life up.Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.59.03 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 11.59.38 AM
My wasabi incidents have served as comic relief for many sushi chefs and crowded restaurants here in California. I’m always ready for it to happen so I don’t get nervous or embarrassed, however I still manage to overdose a couple of times.

I tend to give a ton of focus to my past self instead of who I am presently and who I aim to be. I don’t always show my gratitude for the things that have been granted to me. I forget to be grateful that I have been ABLE to work for all that I do have in my life. I’m always in a rush and fail to notice that I have achieved every dream I’ve had thus far. I forget to be grateful that I can still walk up the street to spend 10 bucks on some takeaway sushi when I used to only ever have $10 and I used to be scared I would never walk again… crappy things like that.

Instead of spending my energy being so dang self-critical, I try to flip it to my benefit as soon as I catch it. When my mind goes into a downward spiral it is usually a sign that I am spending way too much time on my own.

Although isolation comes naturally for a lot of us, it’s always healthy to rejoin the world.



One thought on “Gratitude over Sushi.

  1. We never stop trying to fill that void with imaginary happiness until we are fully convinced it is not working.

    Lately, when I see or hear about really unfortunate lives(usually on the news) it makes me not want to ever complain on my blog about how crappy I feel about life. I imagine how someone with real problems would be reading that post and shaking their head in disgust.

    I’ve always thought weak wasabi as a good indication that the sushi joint is probably sub-par.


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