Journeying Solo.

Jumping is more freeing than standing still. It’s also more terrifying. I classify myself as a little bit reckless and impulsive and it balances out how boring and homebody-ish I can actually be (and often am). Switching between the two at the drop of a hat is going from one extreme to the next. I am saying this because I published my last post and 3 hours later I chose (and booked) my next destination.

Sometimes All it takes is a little nap and a look at my bucket list.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.59.35 AM

This will be a different experience from all of the other times. There will be no one to meet me on the other side. I’m thankful for how the internet has evolved during my journey because now I don’t have to feel so weird that I prefer to stay in other peoples houses while on the road. I love homey vibes & locals not commercial. It’s a big help with the loneliness.

 I’ve been apprehensive about posting this on my blog because traveling far to new places alone triggers severe anxiety and stress for me. Posting this will hold me accountable and that sort of sucks. In one month All I have to do is get on the plane (and not panic and cause the plane to emergency land in the middle of the pacific somewhere to be air lifted home.)

Since plane rides are one of the most relaxing & comforting things for me, that is likely to be yet another irrational fear.

Stay tuned.


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