Let’s be Pen Pals.

We’ve entered the last four days before I take off! Tonight I am celebrating with a bottle of cheap wine and gluten-free pasta. A bubble bath and a massage.

Laundry was done today so I plan to pack tomorrow to avoid any anxiety and over/under packing. Since I will be living out of a backpack for a month or two, I’ve decided to take my boyfriend’s because I can fit more shit in there and he never goes anywhere.

First stop is to see my family which is not always a walk in the park. There are two girl friends of mine I plan to see while I am in Northern California and hopefully I can relax for most of my time there. Sometimes going home can be mentally draining and it almost feels as if I have traveled back in time. The same family members have the same problems, same storylines, and it becomes harder and harder to fit in or feel part of it. But from another perspective, being home recharges me and gives me energy. It reminds me of why I choose this life with every thought and inspires me to keep going.

I’ve been finding myself at the post office 1-2 times per week lately so I must be growing up. I opted to buy a book of stamps today to save time. Just last week my boyfriend expressed that he hated people who were picky about which stamps they put on their letters and mail.

I went for The Peanuts Holiday Collection out of spite

. . Guys…

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 2.27.40 PM


I was so joyous and my mood was elevated. I immediately thought of how happy everyone who receives things from me would be because of my choice of stamps… I guess this relationship isn’t going to work out.

Who wants to be pen pals?! =)


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