Solo Travel: How Geography Changes Me.

Dear Readers,

The greatest thing you can do in this life is to form positive connections with unlikely people. Traveling on my own absolutely cracked my world in half the first time I did it and continuously focuses me into the process of unlearning everything I was taught of how to live my life and what I should pursue. I see glimpses of myself in the faces of strangers and can feel their vibration match my own.

Young, Old. Dark, Light.

There are about as many opportunities in this world as there are human beings. And even more so if everyone were to use all of their ideas and talents. I need to BE all of who I am at all times and accept whatever comes as a benefit or consequence of it. It’s the only way to live my truth.

We start with plans for our lives and we only live bits and pieces of them at a time. It never goes the route we expect. While our own dreams matter, it is more important to accept the path we must walk. It’s a life we have been given. We don’t always have as much control as we wish. In the end, we are all here to learn lessons more so than to achieve our shallow dreams.

I am also writing to say that I’ve made it home safely. It was a nice flight even though I wasn’t offered pretzels or water.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 5.41.24 PM

Coming home offered me a refreshing change of seasons. Leaves everywhere! Finally an escape from the perpetual summer of L.A. My mom’s house smells of christmas trees, outside sounds of storms, and theres eggnog in the fridge.

When I lived in this city not too long ago I lost appreciation for the beauty and art of it all. When I lived here, I was calling it a senior citizen town (which it is) and wanted to leave after 3 years which I know I will again if I were to stay long.

Must be my nature. Hard to stay put. Hard to keep still. Hard to keep in general. I need constant change and stimulation in order to keep my best self alive. I’ve been an observant child ever since I was an observant child.

Its the part of life I enjoy most.

People will always tell you the importance of self love even though they haven’t taken the journey themselves.  They can tell you the importance of it and give you the motivation, but the journey itself will show you that self love and acceptance means taking the time to discover who you can become in many situations in many groups, and places. Self love isn’t something you can buy, it’s a constant decision you’ll have to make as you peel back your own layers.

. Geography changes who we are, especially when we are on our own.  We discover the other “selves” within us that we never knew existed and will have to learn to love them as well. It often reveals to us our own fundamental character and, hopefully, will evoke greater appreciation and gratitude for everything life has offered us so far.

I leave different parts of myself in different places and it gets rough. How do you choose which self you want to be forever?  Settling causes us to become set in our ways without our intention so I often feel like I have to choose carefully. Discover another experience to see if I want to be the self I left behind, or If I want to continue on discovering my own Queendom.

It’s a playground out here.


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