Black Guy Peed.

I’m coming up on the 2 week mark before departing for my first solo trip of the year and I have yet to tell my family that I am not going directly back to Los Angeles from here.

 They only will tell me that I’m destined to be raped, drugged and hung from a tree if I ever leave the mainland on my own. So I’ll probably call once I arrive or let them figure it out once they drop me off at the airport at an unusual airline entrance. I don’t mean to be selfish and worrisome but I have to protect my sanity. I’d rather remain excited.

I’m thankful to have a living grandmother who still takes part in the age old African-American tradition of making black eyed peas & greens for New Year’s day. This is the only time she ever makes them.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.35.08 AM

She brought them over late last night before heading to party with the Senior Citizens. I was asleep with my support dog by 9pm so that shows who’s younger.

I distinctly remember them tasting like mud as a kid, but back then I was a junk food junkie thriving on hot Cheetos and strawberry soda. Now that I’m primarily vegetarian, anything without a mother tastes good, and it’s also cool to know that my first meal of the new year was meant for good luck.


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