Just Say Mahalo and Move On.

Honolulu, HI Jan.17. 2016

These photos are all you are going to get from me today. Simply put, I’m an exhausted and slightly lazy f-bomb who just wants to continue her reclusive ways and take her bra off in peace. I flew over the Pacific for a peaceful 7 hours and now I don’t have enough interest in Polynesia to ignore how tired I am in order to go out and take better photos.

My blog is only an inanimate object. Or is it?

I’ll start over in the morning when I am less demonic.

I took my first step into the Hawaiian air and didn’t feel like I left California at all other than how hot and damp the air was and that people were actually carrying surf boards and hanging their clothes out to dry. The air was so humid that I immediately found a restroom where I could yank my wig off and put a turban on.

This is real life, people. If you are searching for an informational travel blog with all of the smiling pictures and historical sites, look elsewhere. Travel is almost never like that for me. I also rarely take selfies.

 I walked around the outside of the airport aimlessly for about 30 minutes looking for the bus stop so I could pay $2.50 to get to my Airbnb. I came up short so I ended up spending $40 on a taxi. I don’t regret it. The driver took my bags from me and loaded them in the car while simultaneously giving me conversation until he dropped me off at my doorstep. I didn’t have to walk at all.

My host is a very hot and spicy Japanese woman who is a lot younger than I expected from her photo. She made me feel like an ugly piece of shit when she pranced into the condominium to let me in. Mahalo. I want to hang out with her. My boyfriend told me to see if I could get a picture, but I didn’t want to be the creep tenant.

The kind of exhaustion I feel is not the exhaustion where I want to pass out. It’s the exhaustion that makes me feel like I don’t want to see any human beings (including my own reflection) or hear any sounds although a siren has raged through the city every hour on the hour so far.

I locked myself in my room and I haven’t left since other than to use the restroom and to check out the fridge to see what kind of food my ghostly roommates like to eat. I know I probably won’t last through the night solely on this mornings airplane food so I might leave to go get some Udon down the street, but I also might suck it up and chill with this super small honolulu airplane cookie that I never ate with my breakfast.

This type of exhaustion is when every small thing about life annoys me. Like how I packed two wigs and now its way too hot for me to not consider just throwing them away and shaving my own head out of survival. And the fact that I’ve been shaving my legs everyday, including this morning, yet it has already come back in like Chewbacca.

I’m in Hawai’i !


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