Bad Luck or a Cursed Necklace?

It is a cliche plot of a horror film that a young girl about my age is out traveling and finds a piece of jewelry on a beach or in her accommodation, and decides to wear it and take it home as a way to remember her experiences. As she puts it on, she makes a dumb joke about how she hopes it isn’t cursed, while snapping it into place anyway.

The morning I was due to leave Hawaii, I woke up to my phone’s touchscreen suddenly not working at all. It didn’t get wet at the beach, it didn’t get dropped and either way it was protected in a sturdy case. I could only recieve calls and had to strategically press two buttons on the back of the phone to answer them.

All of this is happening as I am in the midst of both travel and worrisome lawyer updates. The primary reason for the expensive Mai Tai in the last post. Then as I am speaking into the phone I reminded myself that the necklace I found in my room could have indeed been cursed. Saying this while laughing probably aggravated it even more. 

The necklace itself seems pretty cheap and I just assumed things had to be of some sort of value to hold a curse. I’m also uneducated on these things, but hey it’s gold with gold lips as a pendant.


Three days passed of being back in the L.A area and it was the day I was due to see what was up with my phone. I had spent these three days filming, editing, uploading photos and videos. I emptied my sd cards into my MacBook so that I could stop for wifi while I was out to put them on the net…and that’s apparently the only way I backup my files.

I was likely talking shit while I was moving to get ready and ended up knocking over a small amount of water onto my MacBooks keyboard. Awkward.

The screen went off and never turned on again. 

Somehow I kept my composure and kind of laughed it off. Ran to the corner store and bought all of the rice on the shelf and dumped it onto my computer. I flipped it upside down and left it for two days.

No sign of life. 

No sign of a paycheck for “fix-it” or “buy a new one” expenses either. 

Still I was calm. It just became another thing I had to add to my to-do list whenever I was able to do it.  It was the rare occasion I wished I had the type of blog where 750 of my supporters donated $1 to #FixDorisMacBook . But I’ve never been popular.

It’s sad that all of my projects and photos might be gone, and even sadder to see it upside down on a towel with rice still coming out of it when I shake it. It was only a year old.

The day my MacBook passed away, I proceeded to see what was up with my phone. I walked out of the shop with a ticket into the fastest growing cult in the world : Team iPhone.

Maybe things are working out already?

  Or maybe it’s just another aspect of Big Brother I was trying to avoid like Facebook. Although I cant remember my iCloud password to access everything on my Mac and so started a new one like a possible idiot, I’m able to do everything I was doing albeit in a much more tedious way.

But I also don’t have a case for it yet.

And I’m still wearing the necklace.


2 thoughts on “Bad Luck or a Cursed Necklace?

  1. That sucks. I’m mourning your loss with you. But you never might power on when it feels like it.

    I have money in my PayPal. I just sold a DVD on eBay. Where can I send $1? lol


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