Choosing a Theme for Your Life.


The ability to connect the dots in my own life has lent me the patience and faith to calm my stress and see things through. 

Along my journey I’ve found that although I could never see, predict, or dream of what might be in store for me in this life, I must let it unfold as it may.

We don’t have the power to change our destiny nor do we have the vision to see it. 

We only have the power to worry. 

We also have the power to learn how to connect the dots and realign ourselves with the change in our direction.

When we have impending stress and anxieties, it takes a conscious effort to tell ourselves not to freak out. To shut up with the negatives of what might come,  and shift the focus to how we may succeed.

Meditate and become grateful for the new shift in your life. Anticipate who you will next evolve to be. What new person you will grow into once you make it out of this one. 

Being still. Listening for the answer. Trusting it when it comes.

You only have the power to worry. 

The same as you have the power to stay calm and enjoy the ride.

I’m happy today.


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