Designing a New Path for Yourself.

Spilling water on my MacBook last week is now being looked at as one of the healthiest events that could have happened. It wasn’t too unfortunate as it revealed to me how much of real life I was avoiding. How many phone calls went unmade, how many letters unreturned, how many forms were not filled out. 

Being highly productive can equate to being highly distracted.

I’ve been dedicating time to scribbling in my idea book instead of executing things right away. Letting things marinate a little more; allowing projects to be polished over in my head. I have space to allow a new style to develop, a new path to be brought to my attention.
I’ve also had the time to unwind and meditate on where to go from here. 

To ask myself the right questions:

1. What new path is aligned with who I am right now? 

2. What are my new inspirations?

3. What do I now value? 

4. Who do I feel that I am at the core of everything else?

The universe goes off like a *ding* in my head when she’s talking to me. My heart feels a little lighter and I follow her guidance.

I didn’t want to be a victim at the end. I did not want to end up saying well, I can’t work anymore because of my physical condition. I wanted to ask myself instead what else it is I would like to do? What are my other interests because my biggest problem used to be “I like to do a bunch of different things. It’s hard to focus on one.”


I’ve been deeply inspired by the art of holistic healing (mental and physical) and am noticing myself moving towards that direction. Asking myself how I could be of service and support to others while still being of service to myself and my own well-being? Something that allowed the time for me to invest in my own arts and creativity. And trusting the answer that came.

I had to be reminded of how cool it was to transition. To enter a new phase. There is nothing but possibility at this point and it’s become more of a gift than a burden. There’s more to the story.

We can’t pray for long lives yet refuse to have the faith it takes to survive it. It’s like wishing for success yet always thinking ourselves into inaction.

In other news, My tiny apartment is starting to feel like a cozy home.  I finally bought a refrigerator this week, we have a dining table and decorative floor mats for the kitchen and a broom.  I’ve been eager to add some succulents and other plants to put around the place but have yet to find my first one. I’ve never had a green thumb so I need something a bit independent.


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