Foodie Adventures: Thai District.

Long Beach, Ca 02.11.16

 Amazing how we are granted great days just when we need them, or maybe great food is the best way to make any day spectacular.
Yesterday my guy and I spent the entire day as a date. Since I am still new to this section of California, I also took this day to familiarize myself with my new city since I am mostly a hermit.

 I finally took the time to see The Revenant as matinée with my fourteen bucks for two (5 stars, it did not disappoint). Entering the theater blew our minds! It was decked out in these brand new leatherish comfy chairs that RECLINED! At the push of a button, our seats slowly dipped down and a foot rest came up. All we needed was a blanket to make us feel like we were at home in our imaginary fancy house watching a film. But we settled for my small sweater.

Afterward, we took a walk downtown to find something to eat and decided to finally give Thai District a shot. An affordable Thai restaurant on Broadway with a cozy atmosphere and creative menu.

It was the very first restaurant that sparked our curiosity when we moved to Long Beach so we wandered in, took a window seat and quickly decided to become regulars. Since I pretty much live on Asian food, with Thai cuisine as my favorite, it’s imperative that I find a great place to eat in every city I’m due to spend a lot of time in.

  Yeah, I sometimes am typical depending on the situation, so I absolutely had to order a Pad Thai upon my first visit. It’s a ritual. Vegetarian of course.

While it was a little sweeter than I am used to, it was absolutely delicious and filling. I ate it all! I was given the option of tofu or plain vegetables in my vegetarian order. I chose tofu with the mind that I, too, would recieve broccoli and carrots as well but I did not. The only  con.

My boyfriend always turns to the curries when it comes to both Thai Food and Indian. He never fails with his orders and I usually end up jealous and asking for bites. Good thing he enjoys sharing 🙂

This time he chose a gorgeous spicey vegetarian style pineapple curry with a side of rice. He got a little adventurous with this order in my opinion, and I was on the fence about it only because I’m not a fan of cooked fruit or a lover of pineapple. But this just may be what I order when we go back next.

The pineapple flavor was calmed down with the creaminess of coconut milk, not too spicy, sweet, or acidic. The Thai basil was far from overpowering and the red seedless grapes that were tucked into the curry was unusual but not so bad. They gave a certain aromatic flavor to the soup but when bitten into, it was pretty much just a hot grape.

For dessert I, of course, had to try their Coconut Panna Cotta with guava and pineapple. It was the first item on the menu that caught my eye when we walked past on my first day in Long beach. In the end, this became my favorite dessert. So good that although we were both full and rubbing our bellies by the time it came we ended up making room to devour it in its entirety.

It had deliciously creamy coconut custard on the bottom topped with a guava jelly, miniature pineapple chunks, a scoop of coconut gelato and two small pieces of a cinnamony sweet crisp. Mmhmm. 

  And This is me after the meal showing off my impeccable food baby. Success!

The grand total was $32 well spent. 

(Free for me though!)


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