Introverted Hollywood Rogue.

Long Beach, Ca 02.25.2016

My days have been at their most content. My MacBook showed a sign of life the other morning when I had a dream that inspired me to plug it in and turn it on. Upon plugging it in, the charger turned Amber for the first time since the spill, then when I powered it on it made the sound!! 

That is about as far as it went.  Back to its old shenanigans.


My time has been spent as a happy hermit, laying low and being extremely reclusive. The levels of happiness Ive been experiencing just can’t be bought and I find myself protecting this energy furiously.

I’ve been made aware that my “introversion” is the kind that puts people off. They are unsure of how to judge or perceive. I stay to myself, I don’t call or come around much. I don’t ask for anything or let people know when Im struggling or doing well. Generally I choose who I let in by allowing the true colors of others to shine and this, as we know, can take long amounts of time. 

I’m also a loner by nature. Reaching out doesn’t often cross my mind and this turns me into a ghost.

Being quiet is almost an art. You end up being the carrier of so many secrets and trust. You listen to many judgements and assumptions of your character from people you’ve never spoken to and the acute awareness of the bullshit of others often makes you laugh and roll your eyes.

Since I last posted , I’ve been doing regular activities such as stretching my back, eating, and checking out hot thrift stores. 

I’ve always been more of a sucker for men’s fashion than women’s. I’d rather dress my man than myself. Just give me a maxi dress and I’m good to go. I don’t need any makeup or underwear.

I am, however, a sucker for a good hat and the men’s section always has the best quality.

I’ve been eating tons of glorious vegetarian and vegan food since being back on the mainland. I recommitted. Here was yesterday’s meal at a black and white sports bar called the MVP Grill here in Long Beach.


I had an all too beautiful Greek salad stuffed pita! It had no olives in it which I noticed about 30 minutes after finishing.


And we ordered way more fries than we could handle. 


Ok now..don’t judge.

$24 for all of this plus my company’s order. ‘Twas not a bad deal.


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