Chocolate & Succulents: Thing’s I’ve Learned Since Re-Adopting a Holistic Approach for all over Health.

My entire aura smells of chocolate. It’s a smell that is taking some getting used to for me as I am not a chocolate lover by any means, however I made some new things for my skin this week and that is how it smells: like chocolate. Dark Chocolate. 
I’m not a fan, but my skin is buttery soft so I’ll marinate in it anyway. It won’t linger for long.

Friday morning I bought myself an Aloe plant because I have been anxious to develop my very own green thumb. Since I do not live in a house with some sort of yard, I opted for succulents and cacti. Plants that won’t keel over so easily and can flourish on my stoop and window sill. I thought this chunky Aloe plant would eventually be perfect for making fresh aloe vera juice for my soaps and skin stuffs. Right now I’m just interested to see if it will grow further!

Then, earlier in the week I tried and failed at making these puppies 

I’ve been calling these coco bars since the idea came about. The green one was for my hair and the white one was for body. I made the rookie mistake of chilling my hot oils in the fridge and by the time I realized my error, these gems had solidified about 70% of the way and I noticed some minor crystallization and small cracks in my bars. These were still useable for me but not perfect for my intended use.

What I love about them is how minimal the waste has been. I’m not using too much product or fumbling around with a bottle or jar. I simply choose which one I want to use by color,  rub it between my hands to melt and apply to the intended body part. There’s really nothing to throw away once I’m done with it and the only things that will eventually see a landfill are the containers the raw materials came in.


The left side is week old super frizzy corn rows, left side is fresh hair with (bottled) aloe juice and my neem cocobar for braiding. Major difference in shine and control but we’ll see how it looks and feels by the end of the week.

I began making my own hair stuff bout 6 years ago but eventually fell off due to laziness and curiosity of new things on the market. Since being back to nature for the past year and a half for all over holistic health inside and out, there are 3 things I’ve noticed

1. If my skin is sensitive to something, chances are my hair follicle is too

After all, they are made from the same material. In the store I would do a skin test on “natural” hair products. These products still contain a certain level of alcohol and preservatives that are deemed harmless, however if it causes any sort of tingle on my skin or nail cuticle I reshelve it as trash because eventually my scalp will tingle and itch as well causing hair loss around my most sensitive areas. This never fails. If a product can last years on a shelf, chances are its no longer natural.

2. My hair and nails grow like a weed

I can also attribute this to taking time off from working in commercial kitchens where I kept my nails clipped short every week and washed my hands with hot water every 5 minutes. In the photos above you can see how long my nails are: fit for a quick snort of Coke if you are into that. I’m not.

I gave up polishes and their removers which I truly believe contribute to nail weakness unbeknownst to lots of women who don’t understand why they can’t achieve natural length and strength. The biggest growth spurt came after taking my iron supplements religiously to combat anemia. After a few weeks my nails were suddenly long and I found myself needing shave EVERY day instead of once a week.

Long nails transport bacteria very easily so if you have any sort of rash, it could get ugly if you have no self control!

3. Shampoos Are an unnecessary product to get people to buy MORE products.

I haven’t used a shampoo since 2014. I have never seen my scalp so healthy and flake free. No hair fall or excessive dryness to add to my own naturally dry Afro texture. 

Once you use a shampoo, you’ll need the conditioner because now your hair will likely be dry, then you’ll need the shampoo again because the conditioner leaves so much buildup on your hair, not to mention if you use moisturizers, oils and gels on top of that. Dirty hair, itchy scalp. A viscious cycle.

Water only for me.

Diy’ing has proven to be more cost effective as well. I’m able to customize for my own needs, I’m likely able to use the same ingredients for different uses and raw materials tend to last a good while.

It’s overall just a lot more fun to do, and it’s just one of those hobbies that allows me to be a lot more conscious and creative.


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