Gifts From a Violent Universe.

Pain has been dwindling down to mostly none and chiropractic appointments are down to once per month – when my body becomes skewed to the right and said leg goes numb. I then develop a crick in my neck for 4 days and a headache that feels like a bullet to the brain.

Or maybe the back of a hammer.

It’s hard for me to not be thankful and appreciative of The Universe. The way she works is sometimes gentle or comical,  other times violent and forceful.

She gets her way no matter what, and she’ll be happy to break a few of your bones and allow you to spend years of your life with the wrong person in order to teach you what you must learn. She definitely doesn’t mind repeating herself over and over again until we get it right.

The people in our lives and the new ones we meet seem to either mirror back the very qualities we must overcome within ourselves, or serve as examples of what we dream to have or become.

There is no escaping what we project.

It has been almost a year since my life has been all time and money. A situation people dream to be in as most of us seem to struggle with always having one but not the other.

Peanut butter, No Jelly.

During this time, I’ve been a lot less anxious and depressed but with the same amount of introspection. Im now a hell of a lot more patient and gentle with myself.

I’m Happy.

This is where I want to be.

I stopped the old destructive patterns of rushing my life and successes. I’m already successful; I consistently have everything I need in excess, I’m just here to enjoy the ride.

I’ve been continuing working on my craft(s) and taking them into new directions which has not only been another money saver for me, but has also brought in a little.

The process itself is still therapeutic.

I alleviated my own skin condition with my own handmade soaps and lotions within a few weeks and have been able to help others do the same, while avoiding topical steroids bored doctors love to prescribe, but often does not work.

Since spilling water on my MacBook after returning from Hawaii in January, I’ve been less distracted and more expiremental. Time in the kitchen mixing and matching, getting it right, testing things out. Studying herbs, oils, and other planty medicinal items.

Then a small victory took place over weekend that gets me excited every time it happens (because this isn’t the first time): A local restaurant featured my photography.

Pretty awesome, but please hire me one of you. It’ll be cool for my resume.


When I was living in Northern California, my photography was featured quite a bit among restaurants and travel mags and instagrams. I was a lot more active then as things I love seem to come in bursts and drain me until next time.

I became bored and discouraged and busy,  self sabotage at its worst! but now having plenty of time and little stress has motivated me back into the arts.

It’s back to being what I eat, sleep, and breathe and the time allows me to not have to pick and choose which one gets my dedicated time and effort on which day off.

There’s now room for every passion to develop. There is now room for transition, friendships, new bonds,


I can’t be thankful enough for these moments and gifts.

Dark places often makes us forget the light exists, however the light will always remind us of how dark things could be and


once were.


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