Diy Skin Care : Organic Lemon Verbena Body Butter 


There is a specific way She speaks to me. It’s almost like several whispers between the trees telling me to go in the same one direction. I’ll have the same sight of something multiple times, an old friend will reappear in my life to remind me of my art – a deliberate swift kick to my ass to keep going because I have a history  of giving in to discouragement instead of just doing shit anyway.

Sometimes she will literally build a wall to stop me dead in my tracks so I can stay on my right path- whatever that is.

Once I see the people I’ve touched with my gifts, I see the reasons for my work. I see why my passion for the arts never dies. I also see the ways in which I am guided back to it repeatedly.

And there is no need to commit to just one form as I once thought. I can use everything I have inside of me, so long as I keep creating and using my powers for good.

I’m a maker.

Back to the point, here to share a new “recipe” I made this week along with my own process for making it :

Lemon Verbena Body Butter.

Ingredients Include:

Mango Butter – highly effective moisturizing and healing butter; great for eczema, awesome Shea butter alternative

Kokum Butter – dry hard butter from India. High in vitamin E . Softens the skin and maintains hydration

Unrefined Coconut Oil – high in Lauric acids also provides great texture to finished product. Penetrates the skin and offers a beautiful glow to brown skin

Apricot Kernel Oil – brightens complexion, counteracts itchiness of the skin, dryness and inflammation

Sweet Almond Oil- rich in natural A, E and B vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids

Rose hip oil – omega 3,6,9 fatty acids. Corrects sun damage, fine lines and fades scars and stretch marks

Vitamin E (preservative)

Lemongrass essential oil 

I’ve been having fun with this new journey I’ve been on and have been scribbling down tons of ideas to work on, and testing them out. After finally taking my skin care into my own hands and ridding myself of psoriasis, eczema , and what seemed like a horrendous pile of very unsexy BACNE recently I’ve been inspired to keep it up and help others in their quest for soft, supple glowing brown  (or porcelain) skin.

I attributed part of my skin issues to a severe allergy to Shea butter which had been consistently recommended to me by others and used in almost all skin care products on the market. After using it and only receiving greasy skin and even more painful rashes, I finally gave up on it and began making my own skin things-completely void of it.

Firstly, I began with about 1 cup of butter into a metal bowl over a double boiler on low heat as to gently warm and melt them together without zapping all of the essential nutrients.

I intentionally used more mango butter than kokum for this recipe. About 80% mango to 20% kokum as Kokum butter is a much dryer and harder butter and too much of it can make the product a bit too stiff for what I was looking for

After melting the two I removed the bowl from the heat and added a heaping tablespoon of Unrefined coconut oil that had a strong scent to compliment the lemongrass essential oil added later on.

The lingering heat of the melted butters allows for the coconut oil to melt on its own without the unnecessary use of continuous heat.

Then to that add

1 tbsp Apricot Kernel Oil

2 tbsp Sweet almond oil,

mix well and then I threw it into the freezer for about 23 minutes until it was solid around the perimeter but loose and opaque in the center. Like this :

Scrape the sides of the bowl down into one mass, then with a whisk attachment on my hand mixer, whip it up!

(For just a few seconds) then add four drops of Rosehip, a few drops of Vitamin E as a preservative and lemongrass essential oil to taste (or smell). & whip a few seconds more until this luxurious consistency is reached.


It just looks so sexy every time.

Like fluffy cake filling or icing. Reminds me of my pastry chef days and makes me smile every time. I can almost hear my old team screaming “DONT OVERWHIP IT!” in the background as I work.

Overwhipping isnt the worst thing you can do in terms of making your own body lotions as the product will still melt into your skin, releasing the extra air you incorporated into your batch, however if it has been over whipped, you will know by the texture change from smooth and silky to kind of hard and clumpy. You may even be able to to feel the air bubbles between your fingers tips.

This gave me a yield of exactly 8 oz of product which I split evenly between two glass jars.

I made a product similar to this last weekend and all throughout the week I’ve received great reviews & compliments for not only its long lasting all day effects on the skin but how well it softened curly hair as well .

I can’t vouch for its effect on the hair, but after a week of daily use I can say that once applied to clean, slightly damp skin post shower or bath I never needed to reapply it throughout the day. My skin remains smoothe and supple until my next bath.

Happy whipping !


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