Do You Even Remember ME?

My heart still beats.

I believe we left off 2 years ago in May of 2016 when I was still somewhat crippled from a 2015 car wreck, bored & unemployed in Long Beach, California living with my man in a  small shack like box apartment after a spur of the moment relocation from Northern California. I was maybe 26 around that time and am now 28 heading into a very fine 29.

During that bored and unemployed period, the blog says I was teaching myself new things like soap making and herbalism. Around that time I was studying different oils and herbs,  trying to desperately get whatever was wrong with my skin under control. Eczema, Psoriasis and (HOLY FUCK) BACNE?? I can’t even believe it was trifling enough to use that word.

I am still alive and doing well. I was also just about bald with a coif on top around that time, and now I have a full head of healthy hair that reaches to the bra strap and nipple region. I reside, again, in Northern California in a very spacious apartment, with my man (yes we are still together. 5 years.) Two dogs (my first dog, or my main bitch, had a surprise litter of 5 last December) and, I now have a flourishing business called


During the last time I posted, I received a comment saying it looked like I had a budding business on my hands. A few weeks later, I was complimented on my skin highly by my mother (who was all too familiar with my lifetime of skin issues) and was told to put my products on the internet so she could buy whatever I was making. My soaps were hideous and my creams came in small unsealed mason jars.

One thing led to another and I formed a small business helping hundreds of people nationwide overcome their own skin ailments with the things that I was making when I was bored and crippled and scaly in L.A.

Funny how things work.


Revisiting my blog this week showed proof of my progress that I would have otherwise ignored.

Somehow, while experiencing the ups and downs of my own journey first hand, I become blatantly unaware of my own growth personally, professionally and, may I add, artistically. The images I posted back in 2016 were of the very same products I started my business with. The images up top on this updated blog post are of what I am now producing for my business and serves as a reflection of how far my craft has developed over the last two years. Seeing the progress first hand is amazing. I can’t even believe I started my business with products that I now perceive as trash, but I did it.

Gotta start somewhere and land elsewhere.

Business boomed to the point of being constantly sold out from what I was able to produce on my own as the sole proprietor and maker. It quickly outgrew our shack apartment which led me on a very rough journey of relocation to a support system in NorCal, getting a job in my field as a chef to cover my overhead and get me in to an apartment spacious enough to carry on my business endeavor.

Then burn out hit and I almost quit.


I had to take a huge step back. Catch my bearings, recalibrate, and remember why I despised relying solely on the 9-5 working world. I recovered slowly, caught my breath and continued onward 6 months into 2018. Business is still alive. I see my progress. I see that all of the struggle has been worth it.

I changed my blog name to something more general and ditched the . com for now because this space makes no money for me. But, I am back, still alive, walking upright and thriving as a young creative professional and the show will go on.

Hopefully you all remember me.


2 thoughts on “Do You Even Remember ME?

  1. I hit my head and have forgotten many people but I still remember you. Sounds like you’ve been making progress in every way. That soap looks good enough to eat. How were you able to find so many customers?


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