Watering Seeds.

It has now been 2.5 years since I was bald and 2.5 years that I have been product free on this head of hair. I wash my hair with warm water and active finger pads to scrub my scalp clean and rinse away. I do this twice a week or whenever the mane gets kind of dry. The length is now close to the middle of my back when pulled straight and its the best, moisturized, full and fluffy head of hair I’ve ever had.

Whenever someone stops to ask me how long I’ve been growing my hair or what I use, they tend to look at me like they are disgusted that I don’t use shampoo, conditioner or virtually anything else in it. What most people don’t understand is that your body produces everything it needs including oil for the hair. It’s called sebum and it’s quite waxy and thick. Shampoo is counter productive in that while it is taking away all the other gel and gunk you may have piled up into your hair throughout the week, it is also stripping away the stuff your hair needs to thrive.

And since I don’t use hair products, I don’t have any silicones or other chemicals in it that needs to be shampoo out. It’s a win win and it saves money, saves time, and headaches.

These goofy photos below were after a nice water wash and a jojoba oil glaze to detangle. It was the first time I executed that idea and it stuck. I loved it.

Since being back to work in the restaurant industry, I generally have to wear my hair up and secure which keeps the ends protected 100% of the time so the rare occasion when I am not working and I am able to revisit my hair (which is very very rare) I’m consistently blown away by its length and health.

However, here I am yet again at a crossroads. The company I currently work for is offering me a salary increase to stay on board with them (I’m so good at what I do dammit), but I’ve also secured another position that offered me double of what I was making at my current company before they offered to raise the bar for me.

Truth is, I’m over the restaurant industry and I’m ready to change careers. The job I secured is a safe and easy transition out as I focus more on business and creativity. I am a really talented fine dining chef /artist but the chef life takes a whole lot out of me creatively and mentally, not to mention burning and cutting myself on a weekly basis. I find myself consistently asking, “Are these the things I want to spend my time stressing over for ANY amount of money? Is this what I want my arms and hands to look like? Because it will only get worse with dedication.”

I planted some seeds in early May in honor of spring time and also as a way to groom my own mental health. I planted cilantro, thyme, brussel sprouts, green onions, chives, and a few sunflowers that have yet to bloom but have reach considerable heights. The first born is almost a full 4 feet tall and I believe I’ve become too attached.

As the pots became heavier and the sunflowers grew taller, a windy day came through and blew them over my balcony and landed 100 feet into my neighbors patio. At midnight I had my fella go downstairs and hop the fence to retrieve her and it was in that moment I realized that if these flowers die or if anything bad happens to them prematurely, I just may have an emotional reaction in which my thoughts will spiral into the rabbit hole how much of a bad mother I am.

I never expected my thumb to be green, but I also learn something new about myself with every curiosity I explore.

While I haven’t done my first repotting yet or learned what the term “propagation” means or when to “trim” or the germination phases of every plant, I still managed to raise a very nice apartment garden that I plan to expand on. My understanding thus far is to get soil and pots, plant seeds according to instructions and throw water on them when they are looking dry.

Knowledge takes time, but I’m getting there. I feel compelled to grow more flowers for color and maybe a few indoor plants since they make me so happy.


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