Small Problems.

I’ve been hit with a ton of bad luck over the last two weeks and all of it added to my regret of ever returning home in the first place. I still have to take care of business matters and wait for my passport so while my return is “justified” it still feels entirely unnatural […]

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Is This Really Where I live?

Long Beach, Ca . Jan.22.2016 I had mixed feelings coming home. I was excited to see a person I loved again, half excited to be part of civilization, and all the way bummed out by the time I arrived in San Francisco, the area in which my life originates. San Francisco was my favorite city […]

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You Weren’t Invited.

Honolulu, Hawai’i Jan.20.2016 I looked up today and noticed that I have been living the life I claimed as a child. Although our lives never unfold in the ways we expect, I saw that I am among the few that is doing everything she ever said she would. I hope this lasts, and I also hope […]

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First Polynesian Morning.

Honolulu, Hi Jan.18.2016 – Waikiki I’m less of  a demon today and more like a grateful and joyous human being. I got a head start and left the house before the sun came up to make my way to a beach. After walking around in the dark for 20 minutes too long on what was supposed […]

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